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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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license plate. the driver of that vehicle opened fire on youngstrom, killing him. youngstrom's partner shot back at lacy and lacy did not survive. youngstrom's wife karen is expected to be here tonight. she's now raising four children between the ages of 5 and 17 on her own. >> it's not anything she expected for people to come out and do fundraisers for her. she is very grateful. so when she was able to put it into her schedule we were very happy to have her. very honored to have her with us tonight. >> reporter: all proceeds will be donated to the youngstrom family. there are just a few tickets left. tickets at the door are $60. if you'd just like to drop off a donation the doors here will be open until midnight. we're at the san ramon golf club. >> in just the past half hour san jose police released a photo in the suspect of a
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mysterious death of a woman this morning. robert handa is live in san jose where a body was found inside a home just before daylight. >> reporter: we are still here. as you can see it's very dark. investigators have been inside the house now for hours. what has changed before is now they are working a homicide with a known suspect. a short while ago police released this picture of troy nosenzo who is believed to be on the run. police won't release details. he is married to a woman who lived with him at the house for many years. the coroner's office is not releasing the victim. a 911 call was made from this house in south san jose this morning. shortly after 12:30 this afternoon the santa clara medical examiner's office was removing a body. what happened during that time is mostly a mystery. patrol units in the area at the time of the 911 were preoccupied with a series of high priority car crashes
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nearby. a day shift patrol that came in just before 7:00 a.m. showed up to the house and after having animal control remove some dogs went in through an unlocked front door. >> at that point pushed the door open and saw there was a female obviously in need of medical attention lying in the -- inside the front of residence. >> reporter: the woman was declared dead shortly afterward. neighbors were stunned. >> it can happen anywhere. you know, i don't, it's not pleasant. that's for sure. >> reporter: police say they responded to the 911 call as soon as they could but said the car crashes were life threatening situations but did acknowledge the police staffing shortage could have been a factor. >> we could have addressed it. absolutely. >> reporter: that is an issue that probably will be addressed later. for now investigators are focused on looking for 50-year-
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old troy nosenzo. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu ktvu channel 2 news. >> a police force is giving civilians an inside look at their work. >> freemont police say a man tried to lure a 15-year-old girl into his vehicle. it happened at 7:20 wednesday morning as the girl walked to kennedy high school. he's the same man who offered her a ride five other times in the past month. he's described as an asian man with a heavy build in his 20s driving a white suv. there is a verdict in the trial of the man accused of three violent sexual say salts in san francisco's mission district, but it won't be read until tuesday. frederick kosier faces 26 charms for the attacks. dozier allegedly admitted to
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the attacks. he faces life in prison if convicted of all counts. >> the school board president has resigned less than 24 hours after winning reelection. the superintendent says dexter louie gave resignation. louie recused himself to discuss the sex abuse lawsuit. she claims the school district was negligent in preventing years of sexual abuse back in the 90s. >> community police go high- tech in palo alto. officers are giving the public a virtual ride along. new at 6:00, alex savidge is live in palo alto to tell us how social media is becoming an important tool for police. >> reporter: facebook and twit consider help police departments communicate directly with the public. as we speak the palo alto police department are live
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tweeting. talking about every call, every crime and every arrest. as he heads out on his night shift palo alto police officer ron harris is ready for anything. >> really could be any number of things. >> reporter: whatever he encounters tonight you can hear about it. all you have to do is follow the department on twitter. lieutenant calls it a virtual ride along. >> our goal is to let the community know the realities of the life of a police officer in this town. >> reporter: the other purpose is to open a dialogue with the public, especially tech savvy young people. >> we're reaching demographics of our community. >> reporter: around the bay area police departments are starting to rely more own more on twitter and facebook both to alert the public to crimes and to help solve them. san mateo police have started training their officers on social media. >> social media is one of the primary means of communication for the public.
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the criminal use it just as much as the public safety element. >> reporter: lieutenant is hoping this twitter experiment can help create an online connection with the community as they follow the action and interact with officers. >> that's our hope is the two way communication. >> reporter: apparently this virtual ride along is a good way to raise your online profile. the palo alto police department has gained more than 200 twitter followers. they're well over a thousand. the expectation for the department is that they will send out about 150 tweets during tonight's experiment. if you want to follow along you can do so until 1:00 this morning. >> those living in oakland may have been woken up by the sound
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of hail overnight. this is what it looked like this morning. there were thunderstorms and cold temperatures. that storm dumped several inches of snow up in the sierra making driving up to tahoe a real challenge. at one point interstate 80 was closed and traffic was at a standstill. cars stuck in the snow stop sign the snow is great news for skiers and snow borders. many resorts are scheduled to open for the season in a few weeks. >> president obama urged congress to find common ground to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff facing the economy at the end of the year. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. are. >> republican leaders say raising tax rates on the wealthy will slow down the
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ability to create jobs and hit small business and make it more difficult for americans to find work. more details on what the fiscal cliff means for your taxes. if you're a low income your taxes will go up about $4120 st. a year. middle income will go up about $2000 a year. if you're upper income you can expect to pay an average of $14,173 more in taxes each year. >> state election officials say there are still more than 3 million ballots that need to be counted leaving some candidates in limbo. the uncounted include mostly absentee ballots. some of them are provisional ballots. elections officials say provisional ballots require more time to tabulate. >> we have to make sure the signatures match. that's the check and balance for those vote by mail envelopes. >> there there are still three
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house races in sacramento, san diego and palm springs that are up in the air because of the slow count. stay with indicate for election results. >> a pioneering college fraternity for gay men is suing an organization claiming trademark infringement. delta lamda five says they caused confusion -- the lawsuit asked the federal judge to order the new group to change its name and pay damages. a major pot bust netted hundreds of pounds of marijuana. police say detectives served a search warrant yesterday in the 4300 block near the ikea store. they found 400 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of a quarter
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million dollars. police say no arrests have been made. >> the city of oakland is trying to make it easier for drivers to pay for parking. the city plans to replace nearly 4000 parking meters with new meter heads that accept credit and debit cards as well as coins. the city has launched a pay by phone option for drivers. today it announced the extension of its 5 minute grace period pilot program. thousands of families signed up for the holiday food and toy program in san jose. nearly 200 people braved the cold, wet weather and camped out to be the first for the sacred heart community as much ass annual registration. many people told ktvu they wouldn't be able to get through without the donations. >> if it wasn't for sacred heart i don't know how we would have gotten groceries. >> sacred heart expects to distribute 4000 food boxes for thanksgiving and 3200 for
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christmas. they plan to give out 16,000 toys at christmas. >> a bottleneck in the south bay is finally getting some relief. the major step taken today. >> i'm back here in a few minutes. what a beautiful night. it's clear out there. the air is going to settle. it is going to get cold. freezing in some places. i'll show you those places and let you know how warm it's going to get for your saturday and sunday.
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police have arrested two people in the killing after 44- year-old man last night. police say 25-year-old felicia viscania and joshua perry were arrested. the pair shot vaugn walker last night after an argument over money. police say it's unclear how the suspects knew walker.
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they are expected to be charged with murder. >> walnut creek police are using facebook to search for a woman spotted using a stolen credit card. today the police union posted this picture on its facebook page. it was taken by a surveillance camera at a gas station. police say the credit card this woman used was taken during a car burglary. she is described as a white female in her late 20s with shoulder length brown hair. >> sometimes veterans are so traumatized from war can t it can be difficult to function in normal society. a unique program that uses dolphins to help them readjust to civilian life. >> reporter: at six flaks discovery kingdom a special team of dolphins swam with 10 traumatized combat veterans. this is a first of its kind
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therapy session. struggling war fighters connecting with these remarkable creatures. >> the feel and touch of them. it's kind of life altering. i probably won't think about anything bad for a couple days now. and won't have bad dreams thinking about this. >> reporter: people have had this experience say there's an emotional bond of trust with these highly social, penalty intelligent animals. >> people have to realize what they've gone through. we've got to help them. >> reporter: muriel snyder swam with dolphins a few weeks ago. she arranged this event with pathway home for veterans. >> it helps them to get away from some of the tragedy they've experienced and some of the short falls and disappointments they've had. >> reporter: former infantryman served three consecutive combat tours in iraq. >> aproblem with trust -- i have a problem with trust.
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chilling with dolphins is sometimes funner than hanging out with people. they can't let you down. >> a positive environment where everyone is having fun. it helps so much. >> that was john fowler reporting in vallejo. >> the owners of a bus company are facing federal charges of tax fraud. the three owners of quality assurance travel were charged earlier this week according to the u.s. department of justice. the indictment alleges the company reported check payments on its corporate tax returns but didn't report cash payments. >> city and state leaders within on hand to break ground on a new freeway project in the south bay. the project to overhaul the
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interstate 280-880 interchange. crews will widen the onramp from southbound 880 and later build a directling to the valley fair shopping center. a fly over ramp is scheduled to be complete by next summer. >> intell has launched a new more powerful chip that uses less energy. the new chip offers twice the power but uses 8% less energy while in use. intel says the chip is more reliable. the new product release didn't seem to help their stock. shares actually slipped today to close just under $21 per share. >> the santa clara district attorney's office is warning people to beware of superstorm sannie relief scams. the solicitor will pressure the donor for a cash donation and won't explain exactly how that money will be used. they claim they're working for
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well known charities. the white house announced the president will travel to new york next thursday to tour damaged areas on the east coast. the president is scheduled to meet with affected families, local officials and first responders. >> a little bit of everything. record heat, hail, rain, win, now it's cold weather. cold overnight lows. even the daytime highs. we still have some showers out there. these working their way down along the peninsula on the west side. working their way towards davenport. the showers are limited. that's all we have. no chains required on 50 or 80 right now. keep posted. what i think the problem will be tomorrow will be the ice.
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there's some melt. it's going to freeze at low elevations. so the icy conditions going up on 80 and 50 tomorrow. tomorrow morning 33 in santa rosa. as cool as we've seen in a while. these numbers will be cooler like santa rosa. if you get out towards forestville. in the inland areas right by the creeks and low lying areas we'l'll see freezing temperatur tomorrow morning. forecast for some areas. you'll get frost at 35 degrees. frost at 36 degrees. the frost on windshields tomorrow morning as well. chance of a scattered shower tonight. this low kind of migrates off the cool air lingers and your weekend is highlighted by very cold overnight lows and mild to cool daytime highs. daytime highs even though it's going to be sunny, in the 50s. warmest spots are going to be san francisco and places along the coast where the warming
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influence of the bay and the ocean will help out. we don't often say that where the ocean of the bay warms you up. the computer model clears us out into tomorrow. forecast highs. look like overnight lows, really. 58 in san jose. 59 in morgan hill. let's think about the frost. if you're a golfer, frost delays on the golf courses. it you have kids, baseball tryouts, soccer, it's going ton chilly. jackets and hats. frank was talking about the ball game tomorrow night. cal is playing oregon. you'll need a jacket. it's going to be chilly any nighttime events. you'll need a jacket. >> such a big difference from last weekend. >> crazy. >> coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36. the most popular surf contest is now on the clock with added juice from a new movie. >> the surf contest is on. what it means to be in this
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special place. >> we're learning more tonight about what's behind the scandal that took down cia director david petraeus. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. >> it's playoff time and our high school football game of the week. we'll have a live preview next. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof!
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san francisco public utilities commission says they're having about one power outage a week for roughly four hours at time. the city rather than pg&e provides electricity uses an old system. city loaders say salt water can cause corrosion and sea gull droppings can become a conductor and damage the power lines there. they don't expect to be able to fully address the problem until the navy completely hands over treasure island several years from now. >> the high school football playoffs begin in the east bay tonight. irvington high school is getting ready to take on james logan. >> fred is live with our high school game of the week. >> reporter: the fans are just now starting to trickle in here at the stadium.
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on paper this game should be a mismatch. with me is the head coach of george. 66-0 to the colts. how come this is going to be different? >> well it's the playoffs. every team is one win away from moving on. so i think they feel like if they can get something going maybe we'll see something different. >> reporter: obviously this is what you've been preparing for. you're 9-1 now. you've jumped out of the mval, the league just so you can get tougher competition. is this what you are on schedule for? >> the playoffs in general we're happy we have a game this week. i think moving ahead if we can get past this game the playoffs are wide open. there's a lot of good teams. we have freedom next week. both those teams are very good. we played berkeley already. freedom is on fire. it should be a great game if we
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can make it out. >> reporter: 66-0 you won last game. i'm going to go ahead and give you this one. 44 points you're averaging on offense. 8 points allowed on defense. you've got a team here that you've got so much talent how do you keep them all playing and how do you keep the first string happy? >> that's the key to our success. no one is selfish. we have three top running backs. three very good receivers and a quarterback who can run. we thought going into the season it was going to be tough to keep everyone happy. they're just, they've been playing together so long. senior laiden group. they love each other. the team is doing a great job. >> reporter: head coach of james logan. i wish you good luck. just hope they stay healthy. this is not going to be a big contest, but will be a matter of them getting themselves in playoff mode, if you will. we will have highlights on
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10:00 with mark ibanez. >> live look now at downtown san jose where temperatures are dropping as we speak. tonight on the 10:00 news, the efforts being made right now to make sure those without a roof on their head are kept warm and safe. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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